Network Monitoring

You may have seen software-packed network monitors but quick problem resolution skill of a human monitor is something not to be expected from an electronic package.

Our “Network Monitoring” service includes active monitoring of your network for problems caused by overloaded and/or crashed servers, network connections or other devices. We extend following services in network monitoring realm:

Availability monitoring: Perform simple service availability checks at defined intervals. We monitor HTTP, SMTP, DNS, email and other services.

Outage response: Respond to service alerts within minutes. Not only will you know there’s a service issue — you’re also assured that we’re working to fix it.

Performance monitoring: Monitor performance alerts to address the server’s slow performance that can lose visitors to your site.

Blacklist monitoring: We monitor e-mail IPs at regular intervals to allow rapid resolution to email delivery issues. Early detection of blacklisted IPs helps mitigate the impact of spam outbreaks.

E-commerce monitoring: If your site is up but your shopping cart is down, you’re losing business. We work with to develop complex transaction-based monitoring plans that assure your online services are working seamlessly.

Backup monitoring: Our backup and disaster recovery service includes regular monitoring and timely actions if backup processes fail.

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