High Availability Clusters

With increase in mission-critical applications, support for high availability through application failover is becoming more and more important. Implementation of high availability clusters involve employing both hardware and software technologies including:

  • Server redundancy (including application failover and server clustering)
  • Storage redundancy (including RAID and I/O multipathing)
  • Network redundancy
  • Power system redundancy

Normally, if your server crashes, applications installed will be unavailable until someone fixes it. Our engineers can setup high availability clustering that will provide remedy for this situation by quickly detecting hardware/software faults and immediately restarting the application on another system without requiring administrative intervention.

For effective setup of HA clustering, our engineers can:

  • Team up with your software design team to include technical factors in your applications being developed, necessary to run in a high-availability cluster environment.
  • Configure cluster nodes so that if a node goes down, the database will restart on another cluster node and the network address that the users use to access the database will be brought up on a new node so that users can access the database again.
  • Utilize all available techniques to make the individual systems and shared infrastructure as reliable as possible.
  • Implement effective failover strategies.

Contact us now to hire a network engineer to setup and maintain your high availability open source clusters.

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