Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning

Businesses need to plan a data backup and disaster recovery strategy to protect valuable information such as important e-documents, business contacts, emails, memos, presentations, contracts, accounts and other sensitive data needed in smooth business operations.

Since data loss can be a very serious problem to your business, backup and recovery planning is critical. We employ a formal process for regular data backups and recover it from disaster. The process includes:

Regular Back Backup: We take regular backup copies of the operating system, application software and critical data on defined intervals. The frequency of the backup depends on the amount of changes made and the criticality of the data.

Maintain Offsite servers: After determining frequency of backup, we store most critical backups at an offsite location; distant from your servers (usually another country).

Disaster Recovery Plan: Another issue we proficiently handle is development and documentation of a disaster recovery plan. Once created, we review the plan at defined intervals for required updates. Some important elements that constitute our plan are:

  1. Hardware requirements and vendor contacts
  2. Software products used with version numbers and vendor contracts
  3. Backup procedures
  4. Location of the backups
  5. A list of employees that are critical to the recovery process and how to contact them
  6. A list of users to contact
  7. Step-by-step procedures required to restore the systems

Testing: One of the more important steps, often overlooked, is actually testing all the plans and procedures in place to recover from a disaster. As it is a time consuming procedure and requires a lot of planning, we execute it after your approval. Even if your business operations do not allow a thorough testing, we test the system by periodically restoring data files to make sure the backup generation process works correctly and the data is useable.

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