1.    You contact U.S. office
You contact our local, U.S. office with your requirement and discuss it with the Account Manager. Whether, you  have a new network task, or having problem in the existing setup, we have an expert to handle it.

2.    Account Manager gets you started
Our Account Manager will understand your requirement and connects you with one of our experienced engineers to technically review your requirement and suggest the best optimal solution. Throughout the task, he consistently provides excellent customer support, and represents your needs and goals within the organization.

3.    Network Engineers starts working
Here, the execution of your task begins. The network engineers starts working as per your provided / approved guidelines. One core characteristic of our engineers, that distinguish them from the rest, is that they not only deliver the promised but also provide positive suggestions wherever they feel a room for improvement. Thus, you can stay confident that your project is in good technical standing and serves the desired in best possible way.

4.    You get what you came for
Once the engineer starts working, he constantly updates you on the progress so everyone stays on the same page and there is no chance for a project to veer off in wrong direction. If you’re satisfied at end of the day, that completes our mission. If not, we’re here to work until you are.

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