Q. How do I get 24/7 Network Engineers services once I am ready to start?

A. Simply call at +1-858-586-7777 ext 614 or fill out the simple contact form, and one of our Account Managers will take care of your need. He/She will explain our working model to you and answer all your simple and complex questions.

Q. What type of commitment do I need to agree to once I decide to start?

A. There are no weasel clauses or long-term commitments. You are free to discontinue services at any time.  We try to make this as risk-free as possible.  If at any time you no longer need the skills of your Network Engineer, just let us know and you will not be billed further.

Q. Do you offer a Fixed Price quote or work on an hourly basis?

A. When you call us, we’ll review your project and give you a price quote. Fixed or hourly depends upon your requirements.

Q. What Payment Mode do you accept?

A. We happily accept Cheques, Credit Cards, or payments made through PayPal.

Q. How safe are my Business Secrets with your company?

A. We have a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement we keep on file for each client, the safety of your Business Secrets is a serious issue we do NOT take it lightly.

Q. How can I check the status of work done on my project?

A. Daily reporting will be provided to you, as well as instant messaging access via Skype—so you can maintain constant communication with your Resource, checking the status of your project for questions that might arise.

Q. Do you have your own network engineers, or do you subcontract?

A. We have our own development centers  in all major cities of Pakistan, fully staffed—working full time positions. All our Network Engineers sit there.

Q. If I want to hire Network Engineer permanently what should I do?

A. We provide dedicated Network Engineers through a separate business unit called “vteams”. Speak to our Account Manager and he/she will let you know your options.

Q. Who should I contact when I have questions for my Account/Billing?

A. Your Account Manager can answer any of your account/billing questions.

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