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Using Chef Server and AWS Auto Scaling for Continuous Deployment

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A big telecommunication organization wanted 24/7 Network Engineers to develop an application in which users could chat in their native languages, share pictures stored on cloud or emoji’s and many more functions like “Whatsapp”.


Client required his product to have a high degree of automation and hands off continuous deployment.


The client’s application was deployed on servers running through Amazon Web Services (AWS). After using scripts which were a single point of failure, 24/7 Network Engineers chose Chef Server as their first orchestration solution for its simplicity and power.

Chef Server was developed by one of our 24/7 engineers to establish and provide AWS assets. The components of client’s application were deployed and DEB packages were built for their stack.

As a result of this, Chef Server not only installed the DEB packages in one job template but also deployed the client’s applications from GIT into another job template.

Additionally, AWS Auto Scaling was used to automatically launch server instances of the new application which were called back to Chef Server to get configuration and pull the latest version of the application.

Chef Server made it much easier to add capacity. Without server, a chef system had to be run so that the new systems could call back to configure themselves and made it more accessible.


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