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DevOps Trends and Tenets

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DevOps is a philosophy of an efficient development, deployment and operation, of the highest quality software.

Developer and Operations are two different roles. Developer is responsible for developing an application which includes its planning, designing and architecture. However, operations provide assets which are required to develop an application that includes hardware, software and licenses ensuring delivery of assets within time.

While developing the infrastructure of an application, developer consulted with 24/7 Network Engineers.

24/7 Network Engineers then estimated the requirements and notified the possible delays which could occur due to hardware or software acquisition. Such delays were mostly unacceptable for developers.

Challenges Faced by the Developers

  1. Time required to acquire and configure servers
  2. Developers did not involve operations when the application was planned primarily to find the capacity for the support of application

Solution to Overcome these Difficulties

  1. Role of infrastructure and operations was merged
  2. Developers involved Operations timely in projects
  3. Continuous integration and delivery was done to ease the developer load


  • Automation led to virtualization and cooperation with containers
  • Our 24/7 Network Engineers and developers worked cohesively and directed their efforts towards establishing ‘DevOps’ culture

Beyond cooperation between the developers and 24/7 Network Engineers, tenets of DevOps commonly called DevOps tools are being used all over the world. Following are the series of common tools:

  1. Scripting
  2. Source Code Management
  3. Continuous Integration Tools
  4. Virtualization
  5. Clouds
  6. Provisioning
  7. Monitoring
  8. Log Aggregation


24/7 Network Engineers assisted developers to deploy their code using DevOps tools on staging and production environments so that the deadline of the application’s development could be met.


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