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How to Implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

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The idea of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is same as programming scripts, which are used to automate important IT processes; managing and provisioning computing infrastructure and its configuration through machine-processable definition files.

IaC is not simply writing scripts. It also involves tested and proven software development practices that are already being used in application development. For example:

  • Version Control
  • Testing
  • Small Deployments
  • Use of design patterns, etc.

It not only uses descriptive language to code more versatile and adaptive provisioning and deployment processes but different tools like Vagrant, Ansible, Puppet, Docker, etc. makes the whole process even easier.

IAC that is coded with Ansible, not only verifies SSH server but also creates a new SSH user, set its password and configure directory access – all these actions are carried out automatically when the Ansible playbook runs.

One of our 24/7 Network Engineers used Ansible for the deployment of computing infrastructure on Amazon Web Service (AWS) and other cloud platforms. Tools like Ansible can be utilized from local machine (or any other machine with Ansible installed in it) making IaC infrastructure configurations and changes more easy, rapid, safe and reliable.


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