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Upgrading Network Infrastructure to Save Cost

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24/7 Network Engineers thoroughly inspected one of their client’s local network infrastructure and were able to suggest and implement a few improvements.

The client had an on-site team of few developers and a small data center. so that the uninterrupted network connectivity was a top priority. In order to avoid network outage, the client was using connections of 3 different Internet providers. He was also using a proprietary Load Balancer for managing the traffic in such a way that the bandwidth usage on a single connection is not high while other connections remain idle. Load-balancer was routing traffic to all 3 connections so that the load distributes equally to all connections.


24/7 Network Engineers suggested the client to use an open source firewall (pfSense) that offers all features presented by any modern proprietary firewall along with the load-balancing of 3 Internet connections, previously done by a separate proprietary load-balancer.



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