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Migrating Virtual Machines to Amazon AMI

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Virtual machines are being used to deploy an environment of Linux or Windows without manipulating the original OS on hard drive. You can easily migrate virtual machine images from your existing environment to Amazon AMI and destroy them from your PC. For this conversion. you need to fulfill the pre-requisite requirements.

Firstly, you have to create a virtual machine with a Single Disk HDD attached to it. During its creation, there are options of either using a Single Disk or splitting it in Multiple disks. Make sure your environment is in favor of using a Single Disk. Secondly, your Disk format must be in RAW, VMDK or VHD as Amazon only recognize these three types of disk format. Moreover, you need Amazon S3 bucket and access the secret key of your amazon account. Now, using AWS CLI and EC2 tools, upload the disk to bucket and convert it to Amazon AMI. This can be used to launch the instance anytime in future with your customized platform.  NOC have deployed this for a project where client requires his VMWare machine to Amazon AMI. So all application, users, settings and everything configured on local environment must be exactly same on Amazon.

24/7 Network Engineers have deployed this procedure for a project, where the client required to convert his VMWare machine to Amazon AMI. All applications; its users and settings were configured on the local environment and migrated to Amazon AMI.


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