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Deploying a Website with the AWS Certificate Manager

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The AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) simplifies and automates most tasks traditionally associated with the management of SSL/TLS certificates. He/she helps in the provisioning, deploying and managing of certificates for AWS-based websites and applications.

24/7 Network Engineers used the ACM to generate a certificate, while deploying the load balancer for a client. Using the ACM they successfully saved their clients’ time and money in getting the whole process approved by Certificate Authorities.

The ACM generates a Key pair of certificate signing requests (CSR). You have to upload and submit a CSR to Certificate Authorities. Once it is approved, the ACM deploys the certificate to enable SSL/TLS for your website or application. Since the ACM manages SSL/TLS certificate renewals, you don’t need additional software agents and can avoid additional costs and overheads.


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