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Automating Deployments

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Developers need to manually deploy the code after releasing their build. There are multiple steps to ensure everything is uploaded and managed in a proper manner.

The development and production environment can be a tricky task if not hosted in the same environment i.e. Shared hosting for staging but a dedicated server for production.

Amazon provides a bunch of tools to help fill the gap by automating deployments. You can use their services like Amazon CodePipline that may further be utilized as:

  • Amazon CodeCommit
  • Amazon CodeDeploy

Using above-mentioned tools, all developers commit their code and finalize release in the repository. As soon as there is a new release in the code repository, it will be auto-pushed to the servers without any manual intervention required.

Our 24/7 Network Engineers have successfully configured automating deployment for multiple clients and have been able to deliver valuable software in an efficient, fast and reliable manner.


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