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Improving Website Responsiveness via Efficient Action Plan

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Recently, a client encountered an issue regarding the responsiveness of his website. He was of the view that his website initially worked very smoothly but then all of a sudden failed to do so.

After initial assessment 24/7 Network Engineers came to know that his website was getting 25,000 unique visitors per day. It was a huge number considering that he was hosting it off a very small VPS. Also, the loading speed of website was slow.

24/7 Network Engineers gathered some facts and came up with an action plan.

  • Blocked UDP traffic to the server
  • Installed Fail2ban and configured it to block repeated offenders
  • Put the website behind CloudFlare to protect against DOS/DDoS attacks
  • Installed and enabled caching on the server
  • Tweaked MySQL and Apache
  • Used PHP5-FPM for performance improvements

At the end of a 6-hour long activity, they were able to get the server load down to almost nothing. This was a success considering the fact they were serving the same target audience. It improved the overall responsiveness and performance of the current website, which was clients’ sole business.

24/7 Network Engineers were able to help the client achieve great performance on his budget VPS. The provided services, as a whole, were very competitive and affordable at the same time. The client was very happy that he got quality service for a fraction of the market price.


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