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Replacing MySQL with MariaDB

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In reality, sysadmins and developers prefer MariaDB because its community is derived from the same MySQL code and has additional features than MySQL. MySQL is more popular than MariaDB, which is lesser known but is considered a better alternative.

MariaDB supports more storage engines, cutting edge features, and better clustering support including active-active master clustering and is compatible with MySQL. It also has better performance and is powerful in large clusters or where master-master replication is required.

One of the reasons why MariaDB is more robust and powerful than MySQL is due to its conservative approach when it comes to community contributions. MySQL does not accomodate large chunks of community contributions as compared to MariaDB.

Our 24/7 Network Engineers strongly recommended moving to MariaDB since the features and performance are superb. Our engineers also specialize in migrating existing customers and clusters from MySQL to MariaDB.


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