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24/7 Monitoring of Servers with 3rd Party Services

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It’s innocuous to say many businesses heavily bank on the stability of their IT network and infrastructure to boost their productivity and keep their customers happy. A server downtime means major loss in money and business reputation at stake. Our customer wanted his server to be monitor 24/7 but without the hassle of setting up a new server just for monitoring purposes, which is cost ineffective specially when only used for monitoring a single server. Our client wanted monitoring of Apache, MySQL, System Memory Usage, System Load, System Uptime and System Disk Status.


Our client immediately wanted to be notified (via email & SMS) in case something is not working and server goes down or becomes unresponsive due to reasons like High CPU usage, High RAM utilization etc.


 Our Geeks at 24-7 Network Engineers designed a solution which met the requirements of the client by using 3rd party applications namely New Relic and Twilio. With the help of these apps our client will be informed immediately in case of any issues with the server via SMS or email (whichever is preferred by client or both).

How we did it

To start with we added the client server in New Relic, a service which monitors web-server in real time and generates email alerts based on the real-time monitoring i.e. Client will get an email if the Disk Status reaches 80% or any other parameters that he sets.

 Since New Relic does not provide SMS based alert system so in order to get alerts via SMS we used another service Twilio, which allows sending of SMS using APIs.

We used Twilio API to write a Webhook for New Relic and merged them both to send SMS against every alert generated by New Relic. Now client will get an SMS if the Disk Status reaches 80% or any other parameters that he sets.


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