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Strengthening the Email Delivery for a Transactional Website

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Online Shopping has become the talk of the town  these days and the number of online shoppers is growing day by day. With the online shopping luxuries like smartphones, credit cards and other easy payment solutions, it has spread worldwide. The comfortable payment solutions and the higher quality standards are the prime reasons for people drifting from traditional shopping practices to online shopping. In the whole online shopping mechanism, the delivery of all online orders, their confirmations and the whole record-keeping in this regard carry the maximum weight. All these aspects must be given due consideration to maintain quality standards.

Problem with Email Delivery:

One of our clients faced the issue in the acknowledgement of payment confirmation, products purchase details and confirmation to the customers. The Server IP was blacklisted in the Real-time Blacklist and it was unable to send confirmation emails to the customers on their online orders. One possible solution for it could be through the website upgrading but the client was not willing for it. He needed a solution from our side that would be either at the server level or through a third party email delivery system.


For this purpose we installed the Postfix Email Server with the integration of the Mandrill. The idea of Mandrill integration was effective in sending emails to the clients for transaction details, password resets, order confirmations, notifications and welcome messages. A legal, non-Spam email could be sent through Mandrill with minimum of complexities.

There are some other important utilities of the Mandrill. It also provides a web-panel to view the email transaction details, delivery report, sent section, spam complaints, hard Bounces and soft bounces. This detail is helpful for the acknowledgement of transaction e-mails. The Mandirll integration with the Postfilx Email Server sorted out the peculiar transaction issues and the client was happy with the whole work.


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