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Custom PHP Script to Improve the Functioning of the Route53

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In our previous post we discussed why we built a 3 Node MySQL Cluster. Our client used Amazon’s Route53 to monitor the site and divert traffic in case of issues on any single location.


The Route53 was frequently reporting false positives on regular health checks of the application. It was due to excessive queries and overload of content by the application on the web servers. The web servers were there fore not able to load the required content in time and could not verify health of the application. At some other instances, the Route53 also reported about the inaccessibility of the Application in a specific region which should never have been the case and needed to be rectified.


One of our NOC Engineers carved out the most subtle solution to tackle this issue. Our NOC Engineer wrote a Custom PHP Script which just checked all necessary application parameters and notified Route53 about it. The Route53 then verified the health of the application using the Custom PHP Script instead of loading the entire content of the application.The solution implemented by our NOC Engineer proved to be productive and we achieved almost Zero False Positives.


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