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Redmine Plugin To Import A List Of Issues From Csv File

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Our NOC Team was required to set up a dedicated Redmine Server for the Company of one of our clients. All existing project related issues provided to us in the csv file were also to be uploaded to the dedicated Redmine Server. Redmine is a free essential online open-source tool for project management and problem-tracking offering great utility to the users to manage wide range of projects and sub projects at the same time owing to its dynamic nature.


It was quite easy and less time-taking task to install Redmine on the client’s new server but to upload all the Project Issues from the csv file to the server was a daunting task. It proved to be complicated as we had to first find out a suitable plugin in the Redmine Plugin library that could easily transfer all the data from the csv file to the Redmine Server of the client.

A reasonable amount of time was invested to find a plugin for this purpose as we could not locate the smartest of plugins in this regard that could automatically take the information from all the fields of the csv file. Eventually, we were able to find a relatively effective plugin but it still lacked the automation we required. In order to sort out this issue, we made some important changes in the csv file and made it compatible to the functioning of the plugin.

The Plugin that we found was created by (espace) Gitlab Group and it fulfilled our requirement of transferring project issues from csv files to the Redmine Server in an effective way. We completed the whole process successfully and then verified the validity of our work by logging in to the client’s Redmine Server. All the project issues were properly migrated from the csv file to Redmine Server and it was ready for the client use.


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