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Custom Linux Amazon Machine Images

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Amazon has a great collection of EC2 instance types. However, most of them are generic OS installations which are sometimes not enough to give space to other Amazon features e.g. auto-scaling for a sudden surge in traffic. In such situations, a Linux AMI can be customized or created from scratch so that it is ready to be deployed whenever an up-scale event is triggered.

There are two approaches to creating an AMI image:

1- Modify An Existing AMI:

This approach requires us to launch an existing AMI available publicly on AWS and modify it according to client requirements. After modification, the AMI can be registered as a private or a public AMI and reused whenever required.

2- Create A New AMI From Scratch:

This approach requires a fresh install on either a stand-alone machine (or a virtual machine) or an empty loop-back image can be mounted where a fresh installation can take place with required software stack and configuration. Amazon’s AMI tools can then be used to register as a new private or a public AMI and reused whenever required.

Our engineers have successfully deployed custom images for many of our clients.


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